Does tracking expenses with 1-SWIPE even matter

I know, there are too many personal finance apps on the App Store. But look at them. Every time you spend money, they want you to go: tap “add expense” > [ enter amount ] > [ enter name ] > [ choose category ] > enter date? > add a note? > add a photo? > are you kidding me? > Done So after a while you stop using them.

monthly redesigns this action to: 1-SWIPE > [enter amount] > Done It's like suddenly having wheels under your luggage.

Second, save money

One way to save money works (I'm not sure about the others): put a part of your income away at the beginning of the month, then spend the rest.

So monthly goes: plan your budget for the month (income - expenses = surplus). Then transfer the surplus to your savings account. Spend the rest.

Now the good news is that at the end of the month, when all the money is gone, there is still money on your savings account. monthly.

It's an incredibly simple method. I guess that’s why it works. monthly is the only personal finance app on the App Store with this money-saving method and the super fast 1-SWIPE expense tracking.

Together they work like magic. You'll see next month.

enough talking. Watch this:

the science behind monthly:

track aall expenses!

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